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2005  Auction  Poster  Image

" Little Chief "   by  William Acheff
( 16" x 14" oil - valued at $18,000 )

Auction Item A-1

Child-Rite is pleased to announce this year's Auction Poster Artist is William Acheff. Bill has supported Child-Rite over the years and this year has generously donated the proceeds from his painting "Little Chief" to Child-Rite. Posters will be available at the Convention Center the night of the auction as well as purchase through our website in the coming weeks.

William Acheff brings to his art a rich multi-cultural heritage of Georgian and Athabascan Indians, as well as Russian, Scottish and Dutch ancestors. The Pueblo Indians of Taos have provided him with inspiring subjects to paint, indigenous to their life and culture. "Artifacts and traditions of the past" he explains "seem to hold more mystical and aesthetic value than those of contemporary times:. Acheff's paintings have been called "cultural commentaries" often appearing more real than the objects themselves. "Great art" he says, leaves nothing untold".

2005 Auction Information

1st  Auction  Gallery
Items 1 - 24
2nd  Auction  Gallery
Items 25 - 48
3rd  Auction  Gallery
Items   49 - 65
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