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Dr. Larry Schreiber, a family physician in Taos, New Mexico co-founded Child-Rite in 1986. Child-Rite began as an advocacy organization for the adoption of special-needs children. In 1989, the State of New Mexico Department of Children, Youth and Families licensed Child-Rite to place children for adoption. Since then, Child-Rite has placed 210 children from 17 states with adoptive families in New Mexico. Child-Rite's mission has always been to work exclusively on behalf of special-needs children in need of permanent, loving families of their own.

Child-Rite serves New Mexico families and children by recruiting and training parents, then matching them with waiting children who are usually in foster care or institutional settings. Child-Rite charges no fees to adoptive families. By not charging fees to adoptive families, we make adoption accessible to a greater range of potential parents. Families who adopt through Child-Rite are provided with continuing support and supervision. By offering ongoing services, Child-Rite makes the same lifetime commitment to families that the families make to their children .

Child-Rite fills the gap in the traditional adoption community by focusing on locating families for special-needs children. These children are considered by many agencies to be unadoptable or hard to place. Special-needs children have usually been neglected and/or abused sexually, emotionally, or physically and have lived in many different homes. They may have developmental delays, medical challenges or have been born to mothers who abused alcohol or drugs. Some of the children are of school age or are brothers and sisters needing to be placed together. Many are African-American, Hispanic, Native American, or have mixed heritage.

Almost all children who are placed through Child-Rite will receive a cash subsidy from the placing state, as well as Medicaid, to help meet the many special needs of the child.

Families who adopt come from a wide range of circumstances, including single, married, non-traditional families or divorced persons, those of modest financial resources, persons with disabilities and large families.

If you or someone you know can open your home to one of these waiting children, please contact us.



To contact us:

Main Office
P.O. Box 1448
Taos, NM 87571
Phone: 505-758-0343
Fax: 505-758-4482

Albuquerque Office
3200 Carlisle N.E.
Suite #220
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: 505-889-4515
Fax: 505-889-4559
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